Our company BELPLAST G.P., has been engaging in the production of PVC granules and dry blends for over 22 years. Owing its very flexible structure, the company offers a wide range of rigid and plastified compounds as well as compounds to meet customer's special needs.

We can cover a big range of possible uses of PVC, from profile and pipe extrusion to moulding of bends and connections including spiral pipes, transparent materials and products for footwear, medical, agriculture and building.

This extensive range of compounds is produced using raw materials selected after careful evaluation of products and suppliers. PVC resins and additives such as stabilizers, pigments, plasticizers, ets. are tested in detail and constantly checked for in order to giveboth the production and the finished product.

Our highly qualified personnel can assure constant quality of dry blends and granules as well as the best possible assistance to our customers