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We produce PVC compounds in powder and granules for 35 years, as well as a wide range of plastic products for construction use.

D. Tsavachidis & Co.


Our company, D. Tsavachidis & Co. | Belplast has been active in the production of PVC Dry Blend and Granule in Greece since 1985. With a very flexible structure, our company can offer a wide range of laminated and hard raw materials and products designed for the specific needs of each customer.

We can cover a variety of PVC applications from technical profiles, window profiles, electrical hardware spirals to rubber profiles, flanges, shoe soles, doffer and more.

Our Products

Belplast produces plastic building materials such as water dispensers, valves, pipes, expansion joints, concrete reinforcement spacers, plastic profiles, skirting boards and frames as well as PVC coatings, indoor and outdoor, for houses, cottages, industrial buildings.

All products are made of hard expandable PVC with perfect functionality and durability at the lowest possible price.

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